Unleashing the Power of WhatsApp within Your Zoho Ecosystem

Empower Your Zoho CRM with WhatsApp - Engage Like Never Before!


Transform Your Customer Engagement with BizMagnets – Where Conversations Lead to Conversions


Simplify, Automate, and Amplify Your Customer Engagement

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In the digital age, customer conversations are the heart of business success. BizMagnets introduces a whatsapp way to engage your Zoho contacts more efficiently with WhatsApp workflows. From syncing contacts and deals to sending personalized messages and automating notifications, our no-code solution integrates seamlessly with your Zoho CRM, enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, your bottom line

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How It Works

Sync Contacts and Deals

Instantly bring your Zoho contacts into the WhatsApp world, ensuring every conversation starts with a personal touch

Track Engagement

With BizMagnets, monitor every message's journey, from send to open, ensuring no lead is left behind

Alerts and Triggers

Set up automated WhatsApp notifications for key customer milestones, keeping the conversation alive and engaging

No-Code Integration

A few clicks is all it takes to merge WhatsApp's power with your Zoho CRM's intelligence

Personalized Messaging

Craft messages that speak directly to your customer's needs, automated yet intimate

Features & Benefits: Why Choose BizMagnets?

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Effortless Integration

Our plug-and-play solution fits perfectly into your existing Zoho workflows


Enhanced Visibility

Keep a pulse on your WhatsApp campaigns with comprehensive tracking and analytics


Automated Efficiency

From alerts to broadcasts, let automation take the wheel, saving you time and resources

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Unify Zoho CRM and WhatsApp for unparalleled customer communication Begin with BizMagnets

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