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Meet AI-Powered Support Inbox to handle high volume queries

Deliver Exceptional WhatsApp Customer Support with BizMagnets WhatsApp API

Streamline, Categorize, and Master Customer Support Effortlessly

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New/Reopened Tickets

Incoming support requests are automatically categorized, ensuring swift responses and reducing customer wait times.

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OverDue Alerts

Automated reminders prevent support issues from lingering, boosting customer satisfaction and maintaining service-level agreements.

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Work In Progress

Keep your support tasks organized and efficiently manage ongoing customer issues. Nothing falls through the cracks with BizMagnets.ai.

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Resolved/Closed Tickets

Easily track and efficiently close support tickets, ensuring a clean and organized support history.

Maximize Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Our WhatsApp customer support system is designed to improve your team’s productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

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Resolve customer inquiries faster and more effectively with organized ticket management.

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Maintain a uniform and professional support experience for your customers.

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Gain insights into support ticket trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

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Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, BizMagnets.ai adapts to your growing support needs.

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