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WhatsApp Business Suite

Recover lost sales effortlessly!

Reclaim up to ₹2M in Ecommerce sales monthly

Turn Your Customer Interactions into High-Impact Sales with

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Acquire 2,000 new customers daily

Experience exponential growth with BizMagnets' WhatsApp Marketing

Decrease your cost per lead by 80%

Optimize your ad spending by reducing Facebook costs and boosting customer engagement

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Slash your e-commerce CAC by 65%

Cut your customer acquisition costs significantly, increasing your profits

Reduce FB ad spend While doubling engagement

BizMagnets helps you reduce meta ad spend while doubling customer engagement

Turn Your Customer Interactions into High-Impact Sales with WhatsApp Business API

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Intuitive Cross-Channel Integration

Our solution guarantees that your sales cycle communicate perfectly, making e-commerce management as convenient as possible.

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Blend your sales channels for better control

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Provide a seamless shopping experience

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Maximize efficiency and profitability

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Sync Your Meta Ads with WhatsApp

Enhance sales conversions and streamline your marketing by implementing targeted ads in your WhatsApp shop, ensuring optimized ad spend for substantial ROI gains.

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Reach the right audience at the right time

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Turn browsing into buying by meeting customers where they are

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Get the most out of every ad dollar spent with higher conversion rates

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All-in-One E-Commerce Solution

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Effortless Transactions with Fast Checkout

Speed up your sales process with BizMagnets' Fast Checkout. Enable customers to seamlessly complete purchases directly within WhatsApp, eliminating the need to navigate away from their conversation window. Quick, secure, and highly engaging

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Shopping with Catalog Search

Provide a superior shopping experience with Catalog Search. Allow customers to instantly access your full product catalog via a simple button click in WhatsApp, simplifying the path to purchase

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Optimized Outreach with Smart Automation

Transform your customer interactions with Smart Automation. Customize marketing efforts to suit individual customer needs, automating standard communications and focusing on strategic engagements that build relationships

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Sync YourE-Commerce with WhatsApp

Sync your product listings, manage orders, and engage customers directly through an integrated dashboard that bridges your operations with WhatsApp

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