Navigating the Future of Pharma: How BizMagnets Outperforms 1mg ?

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In a time when digital platforms are changing how people access healthcare, pharmacies need to use new and innovative solutions to stay ahead in the market. 1mg has been a leader in providing digital pharmacy services, but a new platform called BizMagnets WhatsApp Business Suite is offering an interesting alternative, especially when it comes to providing personalized and efficient customer service

The Advantage of the WhatsApp Business API

Whatsapp Business API

WhatsApp has a huge number of users all around the world, which makes it a great way for pharmacies to communicate with and engage their customers in a more personal way. The BizMagnets suite, which uses the WhatsApp Business API, allows pharmacies to not only reach their customers but also really connect with them. This can provide services that go beyond what other online pharmacy platforms like 1mg currently offer.





Customer Engagement

Personalized, direct messaging on WhatsApp.

Direct messaging

Order Processing

Streamlined ordering via WhatsApp; instant confirmations.

Online platform ordering; email confirmations.

Customer Support

AI-powered chatbots for 24/7 support on WhatsApp.

Standard customer service channels.

Marketing & Promotions

Targeted promotions through WhatsApp broadcasts.

Less targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Operational Efficiency

Automation of routine tasks (scheduling, reminders) on WhatsApp.

Manual scheduling and reminders.

Data Analytics & Insights

In-depth customer insights for personalized service offerings.

Basic analytics for operational performance.

How WhatsApp Business API Can Transform Your Pharmacy Business ?


1. Personalized Customer Journeys : The BizMagnets platform uses AI to provide each customer with a customized experience, which can help build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business, unlike the more generic interactions on platforms like 1mg.

Appoinment points

2. Efficient Operations : Automating tasks like appointment booking, test scheduling, and order confirmations through WhatsApp can save time and reduce errors, making pharmacy operations more efficient.

Biz screen

3. Data-Driven Decisions : The advanced analytics capabilities of the BizMagnets platform allow pharmacies to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, which they can then use to make more informed business decisions and tailor their services more precisely

Provoking Thoughts

  • How could personalized WhatsApp messages transform your pharmacy’s customer service experience?
  • Imagine the efficiency gains from automating routine operations through WhatsApp. How would that change the day-to-day of your pharmacy?
  • With the insights provided by BizMagnets, what new services or products could you offer to meet the unique needs of your customers?


For a more in-depth analysis on how the WhatsApp Business API can empower pharmacies to outshine competitors like 1mg through specific features like WhatsApp broadcast, drip campaigns, and Click to WhatsApp ads, let’s expand on each of these components, highlighting their benefits and potential impact on business growth

WhatsApp Broadcast: The Power of Personalized Messaging at Scale

WhatsApp Broadcast allows businesses to send messages to multiple customers at once, provided the customers have saved the business's phone number in their contacts and have agreed to receive messages. This feature is pivotal for pharmacies in announcing new health products, vaccine availability, or seasonal health tips directly through WhatsApp, ensuring high visibility and engagement. Unlike 1mg's approach, which may rely more on app notifications or emails, WhatsApp broadcasts feel more personal and are likely to be read by customers

Drip Campaigns: Nurturing Customer Relationships Over Time

Drip campaigns are automated sets of messages that are sent out based on specific timelines or user actions. For pharmacies leveraging BizMagnets, this means being able to automatically send a welcome series to new subscribers, educational content on managing chronic conditions, or reminders for prescription refills. This strategic communication keeps the pharmacy top of mind for customers and can encourage repeat purchases. Drip campaigns through WhatsApp can be more effective than traditional methods used by companies like 1mg, due to the personal and immediate nature of messaging

Click to WhatsApp Ads: Driving Conversations and Conversions

Click to WhatsApp ads are a powerful tool that integrates with Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms. When users click on an ad, they are directly taken to a WhatsApp conversation with the business. For pharmacies, this means being able to advertise specific products or health services and instantly engage with interested customers, providing personalized advice or facilitating orders directly through WhatsApp. This immediate engagement model can significantly outperform the more static online purchasing experience offered by platforms like 1mg, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction

The Competitive Edge

Implementing these features through the WhatsApp Business API offers a dynamic and interactive customer experience that stands in contrast to the more traditional, website-centric approach of competitors like 1mg

Here’s how:

  • Enhanced Personalization: WhatsApp allows for direct, one-on-one communication, making each customer feel valued and understood.


  • Higher Engagement Rates: Messages on WhatsApp have a higher open and read rate compared to emails and app notifications.


  • Path to Purchase: By reducing the steps needed to inquire or purchase, customers are more likely to complete transactions.

Empowering Businesses to Thrive in the Digital Age with BizMagnets

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven business world, adapting and innovating is crucial. By partnering with BizMagnets and leveraging the power of the WhatsApp Business API, companies can gain a significant competitive edge. The platform offers an AI-driven WhatsApp Business Suite that empowers businesses to provide personalized, efficient, and seamless customer communication. This innovative solution allows companies to meet their customers where they are and deliver a superior customer experience It can gather essential information from leads based on predefined criteria, ensuring that sales teams focus their efforts on high-potential prospects.

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