How to customize ChatGPT for your business?

Make ChatGPT Your Own: Customize it in Your WhatsApp Business Platform

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Make ChatGPT Your Own: Customize it in Your WhatsApp Business Platform

How to create custom ChatGPT for your business?

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At BizMagnets, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we’ve developed a groundbreaking process to train and customize ChatGPT to cater specifically to your business needs. Our aim is to help you provide personalized and efficient interactions with your customers.

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Here's how it works

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Step 1 : Create a Comprehensive Business Document of Your Company

Prepare a detailed 360-degree document about your business, one that covers all public information your customers should know. This document forms the backbone of your chat platform’s functionality and contains answers to common customer inquiries while safeguarding your trade secrets.

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Step 2 : Upload Your Document Via WhatsApp Chat

Next, you simply share this extensive document through our WhatsApp chat window or you can email us to This document serves as the foundation for customizing ChatGPT, allowing us to gain deep insights into your business.

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Step 3 : AI Training and Personalisation

Get ready for the exciting part! Our application takes the information from your document to educate ChatGPT about your business. Think of it as crafting a unique assistant exclusively for your company. We meticulously refine ChatGPT to ensure it grasps and fulfills your precise business requirements.

Fine-Tuning your ChatGPT Model

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After setting up your WhatsApp Business Account and API, the next step is to tailor your ChatGPT model. This means feeding it a dataset of training examples and fine-tuning it to produce responses customized to your specific business needs and objectives..


When ChatGPT is customized for your business, you’ll not only transform how you assist your customers but also reduce the workload on your sales team. By providing customers with precisely what they need,

ChatGPT frees up your salespeople to focus on closing deals and nurturing more qualified leads. This personalized approach strengthens relationships and ensures that your team spends less time on routine inquiries and more on driving revenue.

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