How to Obtain WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for Your Business?

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In today’s digital age, communication and customer engagement are vital for businesses to thrive. WhatsApp is a powerful tool that has transformed how businesses interact with their customers. With over two billion monthly users, WhatsApp has become a go-to platform for businesses to connect with their audience effectively.

If you’ve noticed that green tick next to some business names on WhatsApp, you might be wondering what it means and why it’s important.

The Green Tick: A Mark of Trust and Authenticity

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The green tick isn't just a symbol; it's a sign of authenticity and trustworthiness. This tiny green checkmark is an indicator that marks an Official Business Account (OBA). When a business account receives the coveted green tick, it signifies that the account has gone through a verification process and has been recognized as a legitimate entity by WhatsApp.

So, why is this green tick so important for businesses?

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1. Establishing Credibility

In the online world, trust is everything. When customers see that green tick next to a business name, it's like a stamp of approval. It tells them that this business is not a scam or a fake account. It's a genuine, established business that they can trust.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customers are more likely to engage with and respond to business messages with a green tick. It adds confidence in the interaction, making customers feel more secure and comfortable when communicating with the business. This streamlined process eliminates friction, encouraging potential customers to engage.

3. Boosting Conversions

When potential customers feel confident in your business's legitimacy, they are more likely to convert – whether that means making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or taking any other desired action. The green tick can be a crucial factor in influencing these decisions.

Obtaining WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: The Process

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To obtain the WhatsApp Green Tick (Official Business Account) for your business, certain steps need to be followed:

  • WhatsApp Business API: Make sure you have an active WhatsApp API.
  • Facebook Business Verified Page: You must have a Facebook Business Verified Page.
  • Google Search Visibility: Ensure your business is visible on Google Search.
  • Media Coverage: Having popular organic articles in news media can be beneficial.

The Verification Process Explained

Now, let's delve into the step-by-step process to attain that sought-after green tick:

     1.Access Business Settings: Log in to your Facebook business account and navigate to the business settings page. This is where you’ll initiate the verification process. authenticity.

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  1. Select WhatsApp Account: On the left side of the business settings, click on “WhatsApp accounts.” This will display a list of WhatsApp Business accounts associated with your business.
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     3. Choose Your Account: Select the specific WhatsApp Business account for which you desire the green tick. Once selected, proceed to its settings.

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     4. Locate WhatsApp Manager: Scroll down within the account settings until you find “WhatsApp Manager.” Here, you’ll find your business phone number linked to the WhatsApp account.

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        5. Submit the Verification Request: Choose the WhatsApp account number. In the Profile section of your account settings, you’ll spot “Submit Request” beneath the “Official Business Account” section. Click on it to initiate the verification process.

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      6. Provide Necessary Details: On the following page, you’ll be prompted to provide essential information. This may include your website, reasons for seeking the green tick, and links that validate your brand’s legitimacy. Make sure to fill out this information accurately.


       7.Submit Your Request: Once you’ve completed all the required fields, hit the “Submit” button to send your verification request to WhatsApp.

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        8.Wait for WhatsApp’s Response: WhatsApp typically responds to verification requests within 1-2 working days. During this time, they will review the information you’ve provided and decide.

        9.Enjoy Your Green Tick: Upon successful verification, you’ll notice the green tick proudly displayed next to your WhatsApp business name, signifying your business’s authenticity.

Expert Guidance:

If you prefer expert assistance on this journey, consider partnering with BizMagnets, which has collaborated with 360 Dialogue to offer WhatsApp Green Tick verification services. You can sign up for a free demo and our experienced sales team will assist you every step of the way. Meanwhile, broadcast messages allow you to send updates and promotions to a broader audience efficiently. This streamlined process eliminates friction, encouraging potential customers to engage.

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