BizMagnets CRM - Your All-in-One Growth Platform!

A lightweight CRM platform that simplifies your marketing, sales, and support processes all in one place

Elevate Your Lead Management

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Experience the power of BizMagnets CRM – the complete solution for capturing, contacting, and converting leads from all sources.

With synergy of ChatGPT and Chatbot

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Business Phone Number + BizMagnets CRM + WhatsApp

Break Free from Costly and Complicated CRM

Tired of investing in expensive CRM systems that no one uses effectively?

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Struggling with an underutilized CRM Features?

Are you spending on CRM specialists and training programs?

No Worries ! We got you covered

Our Unique AI-driven CRM

One platform for all your marketing, sales, and support needs

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Effortlessly manage your customer relationships

BizMagnets is a lightweight CRM that simplifies the way you handle your marketing, sales, and support tasks. With our user-friendly platform, you can execute targeted marketing campaigns, track your sales pipeline, and provide exceptional customer support - all in one place.

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Powerful marketing capabilities at your fingertips

Take control of your marketing efforts with BizMagnets. Send broadcast messages to engage with your audience, create automated sequences to nurture leads, and easily track the performance of your campaigns. Our intuitive interface makes executing successful marketing strategies a breeze.

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Simplify your sales process

Close deals faster with BizMagnets. Our CRM allows you to manage leads, track opportunities, and monitor the progress of your sales team. Stay organized and never miss an important follow-up again.

Deliver exceptional customer support through Whatsapp chatbot

BizMagnets integrates seamlessly with Whatsapp, enabling you to provide instant support to your customers. Our chatbot feature allows you to automate responses and provide smart assistance.

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A lightweight solution that packs a punch

Our lightweight CRM ensures a smooth user experience without unnecessary complexity or bloat. Get started quickly and focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Key Features

Capture Leads Easily

Manage Tasks Effortlessly

Follow Up and Convert

BizMagnets CRM - Your Business Booster

Our primary commitment is to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) that rely heavily on WhatsApp for their marketing, sales, and support endeavors.

Quick Contact

Instant lead alerts help you reply quickly in the app

No need to assign leads manually; our system does it for you

WhatsApp chatbot sends confirmations with essential info

Follow-Up and Conversion

Built-in reminders make sure you never miss a follow-up

Capture important notes and customer details effortlessly

Sort your leads easily with tags

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