Never Lose a Message Again

ChatBackup by BizMagnets Ensures Your Conversations Stay Safe

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Your comprehensive solution for safeguarding your customer communications, enhancing data management, and ensuring seamless service continuity

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Manage, Archive, and Restore Your WhatsApp Business Interactions

Restore with Ease

Enhance team collaboration by restoring previous chats and entire conversations directly to your Team Inbox, ensuring no customer query is left behind

Export and Download Conversations

Export and download options allow for easy access and archival of conversations, ensuring you're always prepared for queries, and compliance requirements

Audit Trail for Governance

Maintain impeccable records with an automated audit trail of your WhatsApp business communications, reinforcing your commitment to transparency and accountability

Flexible Data Management

Download conversations as CSV files, selecting the columns and delimiters that best suit your analysis and reporting processes

Comprehensive Chat Backups

Our tool backs up all WhatsApp Business API messages, providing a solid foundation for your customer communication strategies

Media Inclusion

Never lose context with the option to download all embedded media within chats

Enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and response rates by leveraging the widespread reach of WhatsApp

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