BizMagnets Unlocks Athulya's 36,500 Productive Hours through Workflow Optimization

Executive Summary

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Athulya Senior Care



Elderly Care Services


Features Used

BizMagnets’ No-Code Platform and WhatsApp Flows

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Key Difficulties Addressed

Key Difficulties Addressed

  • Manual, error-prone processes for recording and managing patient data.
  • Delays and inefficiencies in communication with families.
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Success Highlights

Success Highlights

  • Implemented strategies to significantly reduce the need for manual work.
  • Increased accuracy and reliability in data management.
  • Improved family communication, increasing satisfaction and cutting follow-ups by 90%.


Athulya Senior Care, a leader in caring for the elderly, has saved36,500 hours of work timeby using an intelligent tech solution from BizMagnets. This breakthrough has made their operations smoother and faster, benefiting staff in their care.

The Story of Athulya

Athulya started in 2016 in Chennai and is now a top name in providing senior citizens with supportive living, transition care, and home-based care. The company was founded by Srinivasan Govindaraj, Karthik Narayan MD, and Krishna Kavya. With facilities in several cities, Athulya is committed to improving the lives of the elderly

The Challenge

However, Athulya faced challenges scaling its operations due to time-consuming manual tasks

Step-1. Initial Recording on Paper


The nurse first documents the patient’s vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate, directly onto paper during their rounds.


This step is prone to human errors, such as illegible handwriting, which can lead to misunderstandings. Moreover, paper records are susceptible to physical damage or loss.

Step-2. Transcription into a Logbook


The recorded vitals are then manually transcribed into a logbook kept by the nursing staff.


This duplication of data recording increases due to the workload on nursing staff. Each manual entry step heightens the risk of discrepancies between the original readings and what is logged.

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Step-3. Data Entry into a Digital System


The information from the logbook is then manually entered into a digital health record system.


Additionally, there are time delays between the actual patient examination and the availability of details in the system, which affect the timeliness of information critical for healthcare decision-making.


Step-4. Communication via WhatsApp


Finally, patients’ condition updates are communicated to their families via WhatsApp.


Typing errors, omissions, or sending updates to the wrong contact can confuse and distress families. Additionally, the manual method of entering information into WhatsApp is inefficient. It does not scale well with increasing patient numbers, making timely and accurate communication challenging.

The Reason Behind Choosing BizMagnets?

 Athulya initially approached companies like ServiceNow to streamline and automate their processes. However, they found these solutions inflexible and unsuitable for their specific needs. Here’s why:

Scalability Concerns

  • While ServiceNow is highly scalable, it’s designed for large enterprises, which raised concerns.
  • They were worried about overcommitting to a platform that might be too extensive for their current requirements.
  • ServiceNow’s robust features and capabilities come with a high cost, which could be prohibitive for Athulya’s unique business.

Time-Consuming and Resource-Intensive

  • Implementing and customizing ServiceNow can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, which might not align with a more agile solution.

Additionally, Athulya had previously invested in developing a custom mobile App, but it wasn’t successful because:

  • Users had to download and install the App, creating a barrier to adoption.
  • Supporting and maintaining the App took a lot of work, leading to usability issues.


To overcome these challenges, Athulya chose BizMagnets for the following reasons:

  1. Whatsapp Integration: BizMagnets leverages WhatsApp, which everyone is familiar with, ensuring high reliability and user adoption.
  2. Easy Integration: BizMagnets integrates with Athulya’s existing digital health record software, eliminating the need for complex and costly integrations.
  3. Cost-Effective: Compared to enterprise-level solutions like ServiceNow & other mobile Apps, BizMagnets offers a more cost-effective option tailored to Athulya’s specific needs.
  4. Rapid Implementation: With BizMagnets, Athulya could build an essential foundation for their workflow in just 2 days and complete the entire workflow in 15 days, enabling timely solution delivery.

BizMagnets Workflow Optimization

How was Athulya's process automated with BizMagnets workflow optimization through WhatsApp Business API?

At Athulya, the traditional method of recording patient vitals involved multiple manual steps that were time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient. However, with BizMagnets’ innovative workflow optimization solution, this process was transformed into a seamless, automated workflow.


The key components of this automation include:

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  1. Patient Vital Recording: After taking a patient’s vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate, the nurse enters the patient’s details in the WhatsApp interface (WhatsApp Flows).  
  2. Integration with Digital Health Records: Once the nurse submits the patient’s vitals through the WhatsApp flow, BizMagnets incorporates the data into Athulya’s digital health record system. This integration is facilitated by the no-code platform’s connectivity with the digital health record software. 
  3. Communication with Families: With the patient’s up-to-date information securely stored in the digital health record system, Athulya’s staff can easily send comprehensive reports or updates directly to the patient’s families through WhatsApp. 

Before and After BizMagnets: Athulya's Operational Makeover

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Meet the Modern Nurse

  • Old Way: Taking vital signs of elderly patients and jotting them down on paper.
  • New Way: Enters the data directly into her smartphone using WhatsApp!
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WhatsApp + BizMagnets

  • What’s BizMagnets? – A no-code platform that helps set up custom workflows.
  • How It Works: The nurse enters details in WhatsApp flows, follows simple prompts, and inputs specifics like temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate
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Seamless Data Flow

  • Immediate Update: Patient details fly from WhatsApp to Athulya’s digital health records once entered.
  • Why It’s Cool: No more scribbled notes or transcription errors!
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Keeping Families in the Loop

  • Quick Reports : The system automatically updates and sends health reports to the patient’s family.
  • Benefits : Families stay informed, reassured, and connected to their loved ones’ care.
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Why This Rocks

  • No More Paper: Say goodbye to piles of paperwork.
  • More Time for Care: Nurses spend more time caring and less time typing.
  • Error-Free: Reduces mistakes, ensuring accurate health reports.
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The Big Picture

  • Time Savings:

    • Nurses save approximately 15-20 minutes per patient by entering vital signs through the WhatsApp interface instead of manually updating multiple systems.
    • Integrating digital health records eliminates the need for double data entry, saving nurses 10-15 minutes per patient.
    • The ability to share reports directly with families via WhatsApp reduces the time spent on phone calls or coordinating updates by at least 30 minutes per patient.

Overall, the time savings from simple data entry, integration, and communication saved each nurse 1-2 hours per day, depending on the number of patients they serve.

Operational Efficiency

  • By leveraging WhatsApp’s familiarity, user adoption rates for the new process are 100%, minimizing the need for extensive training and support.
  • The rapid implementation timeline, with a basic foundation set up within 2 days and the entire workflow within 15 days, allows healthcare organizations to realize operational efficiencies quickly.
  • The elimination of manual entry and integration processes results in a significant reduction in potential errors, improving accuracy and patient safety.
  • The enhanced communication with families leads to a 90% decrease in follow-up inquiries and clarifications, further boosting staff productivity.
  • Restructured Operations: Overall, the time savings from primitive inputs, integration, and communication potentially saved each nurse 1-2 hours per day, depending on the number of patients they serve.
  • Happy Families, Healthy Patients: Ensures patients and their families are happier and well-informed.
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