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Stop Losing Money on Tech Mistakes. Get a Fractional CTO Today

Prasanna K Ram: The CTO Who Trasformed 100+ Businesses to Save Millions

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Is your business bleeding money due to inefficient tech? Are you falling behind competitors because of outdated systems?

The BizMagnets Promise

Cut operational costs by up to40%

Boost team productivity by50%

Increase customer engagement by75%

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All without hiring a full-time CTO!

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Meet Prasanna K Ram: Your Tech Partner

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Serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience

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Optimized operations for over 100+ businesses across industries

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Specializes in turning tech headaches into profit engines

What's Costing You Money Right Now?

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Inefficient workflows eating up staff time

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Outdated systems causing customer churn

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Missed opportunities due to tech limitations

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Prasanna has solved these exact problems for businesses like yours

The BizMagnets Fractional CTO Advantage

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Express Tech Modernization

  • Get a complete tech audit in just 7 days
  • Implement cost-saving solutions within 30 days
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WhatsApp Business Mastery

  • Tap into 2 billion potential customers
  • Automate Marketing, Sales & Customer Support
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Future-Proof Your Business

  • Stay ahead of tech trends that impact your bottom line
  • Implement scalable solutions that grow with you
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Instant Expertise On Demand

  • Dive into Prasanna's strategy of market-specific tech insights 
  • Solve complex tech issues without expensive consultants

Real Results. Real Fast.

"Prasanna identified Rs. 3 Crore in annual savings within our first meeting. Within 3 months, our tech went from a liability to our biggest asset."
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Srinivasan G
CEO, Athulya.

Still Not Convinced?

Ask yourself


Ask yourself


Can you afford to lose more money on inefficient tech?


What if your competitor hires Prasanna before you do?


How much is just one day of tech inefficiency costing you?

Don't wait for a tech disaster. Take action now.

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