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No more complex booking software and Apps

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Achieve 8.2x more appointment bookings with WhatsApp Flows

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Increased conversion rates by 150% using WhatsApp Flows

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80% Automated simplify the booking process

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Direct via WhatsAppschedule appointments easily

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WhatsApp Flows by BizMagnets

Empowering businesses to create rich end-to-end customer experiences on WhatsApp

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Flexible Customer Journeys

Design, build, and customize your own journeys

Enhance AI agent solutions

Offer seamless end-to-end experiences

Appointment Booking Flows

Simplify reservations, service bookings, and consultations within WhatsApp

Make it intuitive for customers to schedule appointments

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Instantly convert leads into business with WhatsApp Flows,offering an app-like experience through a quick, prefilled chat menu for easy appointment booking

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Why Choose WhatsApp Flows for Your Booking Needs?

Quick and Easy

Say farewell to the days of waiting on emails. Booking meetings is now instant and hassle-free

Better Experience

Keep everything in one place. No more bouncing between websites or apps, making for a smoother, stay-in-chat experience

Save Time and Resources

Automate gathering info and streamline your processes, freeing up valuable time and resources

Get Personal

Engage your customers with interactive workflows and tailored experiences they’ll love

Keep Data Tidy

Collect customer info in an organized, efficient way

Reach More People

With WhatsApp's huge user base, connect with a wider audience effortlessly

Simplified Scheduling with WhatsApp Flows

With our service, users can

With our service, users can

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Check Availability

Easily see when slots are open

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Get Confirmation

Receive immediate booking confirmations, straight to your chat

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Book Instantly

Secure your appointment in just a few taps

Activities Supported


Education and Tutoring Sessions

Students can book tutoring sessions, language classes, or counselling appointments


Food and Beverage Reservations

Customers can book tables, order catering for events, or inquire about special menus


Financial consultations

Financial advisors can offer appointment slots for financial planning discussions

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Fitness centres

Schedule gym sessions, personal training, or group classes

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Legal consultations

Lawyers can arrange client meetings and provide legal advice

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Real Estate Consultations and Property Viewings

Prospective buyers can request appointments to see houses, apartments, or commercial spaces


Doctor Appointments and Healthcare Services

Patients can easily book appointments with doctors, specialists, or clinics via WhatsApp

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HR - Recruiting & Onboarding

Streamline your hiring process and reduce no-shows with scheduled reminders

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Beauty and Wellness Services

Customers can schedule haircuts, massages, facials, and other beauty treatments

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Sales & Marketing Meetings

Fast, online scheduling to easily set up sales calls and marketing discussions

BizMagnets not only enhances efficiency but also improves overall customer engagement and satisfaction. Whether you're scheduling sales meetings, health appointments, or managing HR processes, our platform is designed to make life easier for businesses and their clients

Ready to Transform How You Book Appointments?
Make the smart move. Choose BizMagnets for hassle-free, efficient appointment booking

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